Hyoyeon and Yuri have recently been in Los Angeles filming auditions for the M.Net show, Dancing 9, for which they will be judges/coaches. As members of the exclusive inner circle that is instageneration, they kept us updated with their little trip and showed everyone that to HyoRi, it’s mostly play and little work.


“Handsome guy +,+ with SangJin oppa~~ #LA”
“in front of TOPSHOP at the grove ; ) clothes and shoes,
all from TOPSHOP +,+ ~~~ #LA #topshop”
“Dancing 9 filming~~>,<!! #LA”

“where r u running to ?! #home #imfree”
“i found it..”
“A piacere ma non troppo #ilikethat #Myblackpeaboongboong  #redseat”

I really love Yuri’s hashtags…she has definitely mastered the hashtag.

As quickly as they came, the two have already departed from LA (probably leaving behind a trail of broken hearts).

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