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Last night, Taeyeon updated her instagram with a promotional Girls’ Generation World Tour poster (before SM even did) and the following message.

taeyeonggtourposter“Girls’ Generation World Tour -Girls&Peace- starts off this weekend in SEOUL!! Ps. Everybody watch love&girls PV & make sure you memorize the *shampoo dance* 😉 The first love&girls performance! It’s going to be revealed for the first time at the Seoul concert on June 8th! Let’s all get whistles and dance the shampoo danceㅋㅋㅋ I’m totally excited! Let’s meet on Saturday. #GGworldtour #GG #girlsgeneration”

However, when she released that her word is law and that fans will obey her whims unquestioningly, she commented; Everyooone I – that. about the whistle, I was just randomly throwing it out there haha. You don’t have to bring one^^

But damage done, perhaps Taeng? XD

taeyeonbutterfly3She also recently uploaded the above drawing, with the teasing hashtags #3 #9 #butterfly #TY #탱구 #soon ….Interpret as you will ;D

To wrap this up, Taeyeon most recently uploaded the following pic with the hashtag #수액 (#Su-aeg/Swag), in a display of typical Taeyeon weirdness.

snsd taeyeon swagAh, Kim Taeyeon, you mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a elementary schooler.

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