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Perhaps it comes as no surprise that after the news of Taeyeon getting an Instagram account swept the world, impersonators of our girls have emerged rapidly. Please note that as of now, only Taeyeon has an account. This fact has been confirmed by a company representative. So, while we SONEs fangirl/fanboy over Instagram and agonize for the other members to set up their accounts, be-ware of fakes! To alert SONEs (and impersonators), Sooyoung has stepped up to ask the fake SNSDs to stop.


How have you been? I can hear spring coming~hehe
Should we walk along the flower roadㅎㅎ
한국은 굉장히 춥다고 하던데
I heard it’s really cold in Korea ㅠㅅㅠ
Don’t let your guard down because it’s spring, and be careful not to catch a cold!,^^
The reason why I’m writing this is because I’m excited about spring coming~
Along with the last cold, I couldn’t stay still with impersonators rampant^-^ hehe
I wanted to laugh it off at first~
Wouldn’t I get mad watching them make our SONEs be in a restless state~~? hehe
Fake Sooyoung~ If you are reading this right now, no more now~^^
I thank you for trying to communicate with SONE for me momentarily
Don’t do that anymore~ hehe
If it doesn’t stop and continues on, I won’t just stand by^^
I’m sorry for not being able to greet you all with better news
While the heart fluttering spring wind is gently blowing.. ^-^♥
I will deliver news more often by using the official homepage.
I love you SONE^-^♥

Source: girlsgeneration.smtown, ch0sshi@tumblr for translation