I’ve been listening to a lot of SNSD songs these past few days or weeks(?), and for some reason, I started to listen more and more to the more relaxing songs, rather than the upbeat ones. I used to spam IGAB, Gee, Oh! and all the other title songs on my computer while doing assignments and projects, because it’s just keeps me awake. But when it comes to those songs that are meant to make you wind down, close your eyes, sit back and just chill, I was reminded once again how talented SNSD really are in this area. Below are some of their ballads that I really, really love listening to, because they are stress-relievers, I kid you not.

I’l start off with some of their solo works, as I feel that it would be a shame not including them here.

credits to all the respective uploaders for the videos

OSTs by Taeyeon

‘If’. One of the first ballads that I knew about. I didn’t know it was an OST, and I thought it was a darn good song to be made a solo single. Nevertheless, I didn’t love the song any less when I discovered it was indeed just an OST. Taeyeon just kicks butt when it comes to this. If I have to pick one song out of all the OSTs that she sang, ‘If’ would be on the top of my list, followed closely by ‘Closer’:

If you were to ask why, I would have to say it’s the lyrics/meaning of the song that hit me straight inside. I’m no professional in the Korean languange, but the English-translated lyrics were enough to let me know what message the song is trying to deliver.

Tiffany – Because It’s You

Love Rain OSTs, how could I ever miss that? Contrary to the opinion of some, I personally feel that the whole Love Rain series was very well-made, and the music they produced for it is amazing. Tiffany’s voice fits so well with this song, I really can’t think of anyone else who could’ve sung it better. Listen to this song with headphones to get the best out of it. Just focus on how the piano and the violin in the background blends in together with her husky voice. It’s awesome.

Jessica – Because Tears Are Overflowing

I remembered being thrilled when the release for this OST was announced, because we all know how unique Sica’s voice is, and if I’m not mistaken, it was her first OST(?) Please correct me if I’m wrong. I wasn’t disappointed at all when I heard the full song. It immediately became one of my top favourites because of the way she interchangeably hits the high and lows so smoothly. Emotions? She delivered that just perfectly.


Now for their group work, there’s really a plentiful. Just to slot it here, Baby Maybe is currently on the top of my list for their latest album, although perhaps it’s not really a ballad in the strict sense? But it’s the feel, man, the whole song has so much feel. “Put ‘yo hands up” and all, c’mon, this song is just great.

More from their latest album, ‘Promise’ and ‘Lost In Love’ can never be excluded. I think I need not explain why, just go listen to them. 9 (and 2 for the latter) different voices mixing together and all the harmonization during the chorus. I do know some don’t like how the lines are distributed and all, but for me, honestly, I see the song as a whole. If it’s nice to listen, it’s due to the effort put in by all of them, not because a particular member sang more particular lines.

That’s for their latest album.

For the older ones, I’m sure most of us have the same choice. ‘Forever’, ‘Complete’, ‘Mistake’, ‘Star Star Star’, ‘Dear Mom’. Did I hit it right?

‘Forever’ and ‘Complete’ are the signature ones for me. I mean, during their solo tours and all, it’s always these two that have sooooo much FEELS. You’ll just feel like breaking down and cry when you hear this being sung live. It’s that awesome.

‘Dear Mom’. Well this is a particularly unique one, because it’s a sad ballad rather than a relaxing one. And as we all know the history behind this song, it’s no surprise that this one hits deeply for a lot of people.

There’s even plenty more than the ones I already mentioned. ‘7989’, ‘Like A Star’, ‘Time Machine’, ‘AMLIFY’, ‘Not Alone’. There’s enough to make a long playlist to listen to when you’re chilling down from a long day at work/college. I might even have missed some.

I just decided to write something about their ballads because it’s something truly worth mentioning. There I was today, walking to college early in the morning, with my earphones on, and I can just forget everything about the stress that is to come for the day, even just temporarily. And I thought of sharing that with all of you.

Furthermore, we’re quite soshi-deprived these days, so the only natural thing is to turn to their songs.

If you’re under stress, agitated, or restless from various problems that keep bothering you inside, take some time off and rest calm your mind with these songs, it’ll give you a clearer head to think about your problems later on. Try it. 🙂

I’ll like to hear from you guys as well. When do you listen to their ballads and why? In what way does it help you to relax? Just post them in the comments below.

Have a great day ahead, everyone.