Just a small update about a change in Yoona and Jessica’s UFO profile pics. YoonSic shippers, prepare to have your hearts bursting from overloading spazz beauty.

BDq7Zn8CYAAkjcZ 735065421I guess calling them pretty, gorgeous AND stunning is quite an understatement, won’t you agree?

Also, I’m sure you guys know about our girls starting their Japanese tour, which pretty much explains their lack of activity in Korea nowadays. Of course, with the exception of the variety/talk shows which they appeared as guests as well as a handful of airport pictures.

I kinda envy Japan right now, because they get to watch them perform songs from their recent Japanese albums like Girls & Peace and also Flower Power. I do hope I can find good fancams to share with everyone and anyone who’s missing out on their tour (which is probably a HUGE number of us)

If you do find some awesome fancams of their performances, feel free to share it in the comments section, and perhaps I’ll compile it into a single post sometime in the future!

All in all, let’s continue to wish our girls a great success in their tour, that Japan gives them all the love and support they deserve, and that they continue rocking the stage together with us Sones!