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Haha of course cause I’m the Fanytastic, she’s always going to go up top!  Looks like this one was backstage either before or after an “I Got a Boy” performance.  Bottom left pic is definitely the best cause Fany is looking like a big dork!


Jessica posted a selca for Lunar New Year on with the follow message…

“Hello, I am Sica It’s been a while, right?^^ Korean promotions have come to an end, and the Japan Tour started today~ We are spending Lunar New Year’s Day in Japan. Everyone have a great new year and eat lots of ddeokguk! Eat 2 bowls! 3 bowls! Ah~ I want some ddeokguk! P.S. Yoona is a bonus in the picture at the bottom^^!!!”

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Japan mobile fansite pics!  I find it funny Sunny and Taeyeon are eating cake with their mics still on.  Come on SM!  At least let them enjoy the food without putting them back on stage in 5 mins!  Haha.


Message from Yoona while on tour for their 2nd Japan Tour in Japan.

“Everyone~ It’s Lunar New Year’s Day^^ We’re spending it in Japan right now because of our Japan Arena Tour~ But we’re eating a lot of yummy foods! I want to eat rice cake soupㅠㅠ Also, because it’s Ddooyoung (Sooyoung) unnie’s birthday today, wish her a happy birthday♥ We’ll complete our tour well.. And show you all in Korea some time… ㅋㅋ I heard there was a cold wave; did any of you catch a cold? ㅠㅠ It also snowed. So be careful on the roads and be careful not to catch a cold~ While eating rice cake soup.. Watch my stupid hidden camera later.. ㅋㅋㅋ (referring to Shinhwa Broadcast which will be airing later today) I hope you have another enjoyable holiday with your families~ There isn’t any new picture of me in a hanbokㅠ So I’m sending you a picture while rehearsing for the tour~^^ SONE♥ Happy new year!! With Girls’ Generation. Let’s spend each year together^^”



Pic of Sooyoung and her family celebrating her bday.  This must have been a bit early since they are on tour in Japan during her bday.



Sooyoung’s official website picture with her family.

“Syoung’s birthday! Reporting I’m alive♥ Even though I’m not in Korea In order to wish Sooyoung a happy birthday I was really moved that you all did volunteer work and prepared many events ㅠㅅㅠ I think that’s the happiest gift ever! In a place where I can’t just walk there, it feels like our SONE are doing meaningful things for us, so thank you very very much..♥ Whenever a year goes by. And as I become a year older, I’m not that happy about my birthday coming around againㅋㅋ SONE, because you all have become a reason why I should be happy about it ,, Thank you so much, I don’t know what country I will be in on my next birthday.. But whereever your hearts are, your feelings get delivered,,♥ Thank you!!^^”




New Jessica UFO pic.  Doesn’t she look like she’s enjoying herself at a coffee shop! I wonder what she’s drinking?  Coffee, chocolate shake?  Now all she needs is some satong (candy) since she likes that stuff so much!  I want to see another one of those pics soon!

Credits: sonems.net