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[Update] -The Boys (full group) + Sica singing Someday

[Update2] -Greeting and Interview

Those of you who attended the Dream K-Pop Fantasy Concert, I’m so jellyyy! And those who were bogged down with work and half away across the world, like the unfortunate you and me, well, thanks to technology, we can relive the experience cheering and screaming crouched behind our computer screens. So, take a look at the following fancams of Girls’ Generation’s electrifying stages!



The Boys (Fany focused -includes Genie as well) -will update when better quality one of entire group is found:

[Update] The Boys (group):

Hoot -Haven’t heard this one in a while, huh?:

Dancing Queen:

And of course, the big hit, Gee!

[Update] Someday by Sica:

[Update2] Greeting:

[Update2] Interview:

Source: wonderfulgeneration, various youtube channels