Starting with a New Year, A New Era, A New Generation, SNSD is finally Back with their 4th Album ‘ I Got A Boy’ with millions of Sones welcoming their return.

So, after its release, we all have our reviews and opinions of the song. However, how well did it do in the Charts? With only One hour of its release, ‘I Got A Boy‘ has topped every single Korean music chart including Bugs, Melon, Mnet, SoriBada, Genie and more. On top of that they even topped iTunes Charts in many different Asian Countries!






A total great entrance to the New Year by SNSD! May I also take this chance to wish everyone reading (and not reading) a very Happy New Year and all the best, From Funky!

Source: Bugs, Mnet, Melon, SoriBada, wondergeneration, funkyflapjacks@snsdkorean