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Meet artist Taeyeon and her very literal depiction of their song Flower Power!

Taeyeon: “Since it’s called “FLOWER POWER”….I tried drawing flowers (laughs) Please listen to it a lot~!!”

That’s a pretty awesome drawing of flowers, if I may say so myself. What do you guys think? Are we witnessing a blossoming artist? 🙂

And of course, her warm message:

“Hello Japan Sone. It’s Taeyeon!
It’s gotten really cold, however you all haven’t caught a cold have you?
Everyone was really happy since this week we were able to meet at “Playing with GIRLS’ GENERATION” ☆
We were also very very happy~(**)
How was the first performance of “FLOWER POWER”~♪?”
The event she is referring to is NicoNico’s Fan Event from a few days ago.
Source: wonderfulgeneration, MsOrangeful@Youtube