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Okay, not exactly, but how about be in a CF with her or have her spray some Innisfree “Forest for Men” magic potion on you?

On Oct. 16, an iOS application called “Ad with Yoona” was released. The app contains numerous photos of Yoona and has functions that allow you to be (edited) in a CF with her! Just search up Yoona in the App Store and you can download it for free! But if your Internet is suuuppppeeerr slooooow (like mine), then check out some of her lovely pictures in the app in the meantime below!

~dun dun dun I’ve got Yoona in my pocket dumdundum~

*Bonus: A SelCa with a friend! Doesn’t the friend look a tiny bit like Seohyun?

Source: wonderfulgeneration