A MEGA whopping all 5 in 1 post!

It looks like today (and yesterday), it was our Lovely Princess, Jessica’s Day. Attending over 4 different event in less than a day, you can really say, ‘She truly is Everywhere!’

Firstly, Jessica released the theme song called ‘My Lifestyle‘ for Hyundai’s i30 which features Dok2. With a soft voice, you can sing along as her simple and catchy lyrics dab deh de dab dab through your ears! Check it out below!

On top of the Hyundai song, on October 17/18th, Hyundai held an event called PYL Auto Runway Show in which Jessica, who recently did a photoshoot with, attended and even performed My Lifestyle. With a cute red and blue checked shirt, check out her live performance below as she steals the crowd.

And to top the top with a cherry, the recent pictures from Hyundai i30’s photoshoot which featured Jessica, was released in an album. Even sexy in Black and White, check out the pictures from the album as she chills in her ride. Hyoyeon, who also helped in promoting PLY, is also featured in the album along with other SM artists!

Next up, our Ice Princess transforms into SNSD’s very own Barbie Girl! Winning the award for Korea’s 3rd Annual Barbie and Ken Awards, Jessica along with TVXQ’s U-Know, were named the 3rd Barbie and Ken and were awarded the special edition doll which resembles their outfits tonight! Previous winners of this award was Kim Bum and Kwang Jung Eum in 2010, and Song Joong Ku and After School’s UEE in 2011!

Once again, being part of the Heroes of Korea, Jessica attends ‘Love You W‘ event which was also held last year, which she also attended. Held annually, this event is to shout out the awarness about Beast Cancer. Check it out as she flashes her beauty with a sexy purple mini-dress!

Last but not least!, She attends the grand opening event of ‘Koon With A View’ along with ‘Playhound’. With a cute orange knitting, she shows off her sexy slim figure!

Source: soshified, MyGirlsGeneration, wondergeneration