SNSD was selected as the best girl group by 10 Look Band teams.

At the ‘Show Champion’, a survey was carried out in the participation of Look Bands that recently joined ‘락 (Rak) Special Side’ such as 도청장치(Do Cheong Jang Chi), PiA, 트랜스픽션 (Tran speaker), Romantic Peon Chi, 윈디시티(Won Di City), 몽니(MongNi), Super kid, Day Break, KoKo Star, 안녕바다(AnNyeong BaDa), etc… in order to hand out the award, named ‘Look Star’s Lovely Girl Group’.

According to the result, SNSD was leaded in number 1 in term of ‘Luxury Appearance’ and ‘Sincere Goddess’. Unique fashion and music of 2NE1 is in number 2, and f(x), carrying the best color for its group, ended up in number 3. Moreover, Look band idols released that if there is a chance, they would like to set the corporation with these popular girl groups.

Noteworthy, “Girl group Love from Look Band “is scheduled to be broadcasted at 6 PM, 16th October.

Source: MyGirlsGeneration