Did Cha Cha Cha Cha all enjoyed the Paparazzi MV?!? I know I did B) .But the Japanese fun doesn’t stop there because our Drama Queen, Yoona obtained a new title, Ms. Coffee lover! Recently, on SNSD’s Official Japanese site, Yoona posted a message followed by a funny ‘derp’ photo. While talking about her time during the filming of ‘Love Rain‘, she says;

“Hello SONE JAPAN! It’s Yoona~ Before, I was never one to drink coffee, but I often drank it while filming a drama in order to not get sleepy. And so… now I really love it ^^ (laughs). This is a picture taken when I took a break from filming♪I’m looking forward to seeing everyone really soon~”

– Mee Luff Duh Coffeee 8}

Source: SMEntertainment Japan