I know what you are all thinking when you see the word ‘Baseball’ lolololololol. On June 15th there was a baseball match between Samsung Lions and Doosan Bears at Seoul’s Jamsil Baseball Stadium. Spotted in the audience, our Yoona attended the match and as expected, she chomms away on delicious food (…IS THAT KFC I SEE?? GOOBNE IS BETRAYED). I wonder what her reaction would have been like if she attended Sica’s match…LOL

Check out the match video and photos below;

Meanwhile on another Boom Boom Boom-ing topic, the Failed Baseball Pitch’s sister, Krystal will follow Jessica’s footsteps as she will pitch first for another baseball game on June 19th. I wonder if she will save the Jung title…..or become the expected Jung Gene Sister and flop the throw lolol… PRESSURE IS ON

Source: Ratata~, withsosiz9dot5, SpotChosun