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You may know her as the elementary school boy Im Choding, the strong Him Yoona, the beautiful Saseumi (deer), the laughing Alligator Yoong…

…Introducing…singer, dancer, actress, promotional model, host, Birthday Girl Im Yoona!

It never fails to amaze me how fast time passes. Another year sails by… Our dear Yoona turns another year older. Can you believe this now super-idol, who has been crowned CF Queen and is commonly known as the ideal type of uncountable male idols, was once a young girl who worried every night, uncertain if she would be able to debut, to stand on stage, to reach her dreams…? Little did she know then that she would become on the border of, if not, a national icon idol, having one of the largest fan-bases in South Korea and becoming ambassadors and spokesperson for many causes. *Sniff sniff..I’m so proud to be a SONE..

To start off, let’s take a look at little pre-debut Yoona in her first MV in 2004.

In 2006, for Studying English CF:

In 2007, still before debut, in Clean and Clear cf:

Yoona, even since pre-debut, has impressed with her charms. Her angel-like features complete with a tom-boyish personality, her seemingly “unladylike” wide alligator laughs and her hilarious imitations are sure to capture anyone’s attention at first sight.


vs. this…

Spy the difference? ‘Cause I don’t…

An old video, but her expressions are so epic it never gets old.

and later…

But the strange duality does not stop there. Who would have imagined that this quiet, innocent girl on appearance would reveal herself to be SNSD’s BIGGEST prankster?

Salty Kimbap Prank Gone Wrong…

 And lol, pretending to ‘take a stab’ at modeling..trolling us fans

Ahhh..one has to admire her chodingness. And her much-hated (by members except Jessica) yet lovable aegyo.

The battle of aegyos

Her cute ‘attempts’ at foreign languages…




And of course, one cannot mention Yoona without mentioning acting. Starting her acting career as early as 2007 as a cameo in 9 Ends 2 Outs, she went onboard the wheel of success, earning 5 awards as the lead role, Jang Saebyuk, in You Are My Destiny only one year later. Now in 2012, she dazzles and makes us fans’ jaws drop with her amazing acting in the currently airing Love Rain. What never fails to fascinate me is how she makes all the characters she plays so real with their own distinct color. In the drama, she is not idol Yoona, but Shin Joo Young, Bool Gwangdong, Mi Ae, Jang Saebyuk, Seo Yoojin, Kim Yoonhee, Jung Hana… Somehow, I just can’t make the connection that it’s Yoona who is playing those characters. Well, she didn’t win Best New Actress for nothing! XD

Awkward Bathroom Incident…

Transformation into the good ol’ days:

To spare you from the 5 kiss scenes in the drama, let’s watch one of the most touching moments in the drama…

And with that, let’s conclude our—lol—trip down memory lane. From the SNSDKorean staff, we wish Yoona a very happy 23rd Happy Birthday! ..with lots of pink helium balloons and cucumbers to prank Jessica!

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