Amazing news for Worldwide Sones! Information has been revealed earlier and as Tiffany and Jessica suspiciously hinted us before, SNSD will be releasing a new Japanese Single next month…Not as a sub-unit or solo, but Together!! So far the information released only states that it is to be released on June 27th and will be titled, ‘Paparazzi‘! A strong name indeed!

The word ‘Paparazzi’ puts an imagine of a badass in my head, maybe in theory, the concept of this single will show a darker side of SoShi… like RDR or Bad Girl? 😀 Maybe I’m wrong but lets not forget Tiffany’s words, “The song with the most difficult choreography in history. Even though the gestures are not extreme but it’s the fast beats of the song which consumes a lot of energy”. Lets wait for more information about this single. I’m so excited i can picture our Girls’ dancing to the fast beat already!!


Source: dkpopnews