As her birthday is here, she also did something heart felt for the staff of her drama “Love Rain.”

On May 29th, in conjunction with the filming of the last episode of “Love Rain,” Yoona presented the staff with the gift of photos.

Yoona said, “All this while, thank you to every staff of ‘Love Rain’. Take this vitamin and stay strong always. Fighting!”  Jang Geun Suk also presented the staff with t-shirts as a sign of his gratitude.

Netizens commented, “As pretty as her face, she has a kind heart as well”, “Both YoonA and the staff have all done well”, “Last time, I think she used to write messages to thank the staff at the end of drama filming too”, “How would the ending of ‘Love Rain’ turn out to be?”.

Awww what a thoughtful gift from our charming girl and perfect timing as she celebrates her 23rd birthday!

Credits: fanwonder.com