Following the group photos of SNSD’s personal perfume, 10-Corso-Como’s ‘GiRL‘, Here is the first Official Promotional photo featuring Charming Girl YoonA! Here, it looks like YoonA is following a similar concept to TaeTiSeo’s ‘Twinkle’, which to be honest, shouldn’t come in a big surprise as ‘GiRL’ was featured in their MV! Look forward to the rest of the member’s promo photos! Boys, be prepared to buy em for your SNSD Collection  girlfriends/ families/ friends/loved ones!! 😀

(P.S, Yes i have done my homework/research and this is Yoona, not Tiffany! i was also confused myself lolol although it does look 99% like Tiffany!)

Edit: Hint- it might be a poor hint but – Remember Tiffany has bright Red hair for her ‘Twinkle’ promotions and Yoona has that slight brown-ish colour (seen below) for Love Rain!

Source: CorsoComoSeoul,GiRL Perfume, wondergeneration