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Yes, you “heard” it right, the “Twinkle” music video is finally out, and what a video it is 😀 !

Well, after days of being titillated by the TaeTiSeo MV teasers of their debut mini-album “Twinkle” (1, 2, 3), the actual music video of the title song track has finally been unveiled for all to enjoy 🙂 !

I must say, the 3 ladies look extremely Gorgeous here, not to mention Smexy to boot ;). Their outfits, although looking a little “gaudy” in the teasers, surprisingly fits the MV concept rather well here.

My favourite portions: the hairdressing salon and “blues/rock” band stage parts :D.

Why? Well, in the former, the 3 ladies look extremely smexy, yet cute at the same time. I especially love Tiffany’s pout as she hugs that adorable poodle, and Seohyun’s “shocked” expression at being “offered” all those shoe choices 😆 . Of course, Taeyeon and her signature dorky smile never fails to bring a grin to my face each time I witness it :).

Now, in the latter scene (on stage with the live band), the 3 ladies look really cool here, especially Maknae, the epitome of sophistication and class here. Notice that the MV producers used an all non-Korean staffed band here, a pretty nice touch, if I do say so myself, as it gives a sense of “internationality” to the whole scene. Daebak !

Finally, a little observation here: did you notice that there are still 9 ladies dancing on stage, at every portion of the video 😉 ? A case of the power of 9 at work here (even though it’s only 3 members of Soshi in “Girls’ Generation-TTS”) 😀 ?!!

The video ends with a teaser verse from their other song in the “Twinkle” mini-album “안녕 (Good-bye, Hello)”; a sign of more TaeTiSeo MV goodness to come perhaps 😉 ?

Right, without further ado, enjoy the “Twinkle” MV 😀 !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean.com

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