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Apparently the Ice Princess likes her nickname!  In a recent interview with @Star1, she revealed what she thought about the nickname.

Jessica revealed, “I’m very happy with my nickname, the Ice Princess.” She explained, “It’s a nice feeling to be differentiated from others. Those who really know me call me “Jessica Heodang’ [expression used to describe someone who is clumsy and clueless].”

Netizens commented, “Jessica a heodang? That makes her even more perfect,” “Beautiful inside and out,” “Awww she likes what her fans nicknamed her? How sweet.”

Lol, that’s a new one.  Didn’t know her close friends and family called her heodang! Honestly though, how can she be a heodang when all she does is sleep? :P.  Can you really be that clumsy while you’re sleeping?  Haha.

Credits: soompi.com