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This selca of Seohyun has been revealed from the shooting of “Time Machine.”  She said, “Hello everyone from the mobile fansite! It’s Seohyun. Today I will show a scene from the shooting of “Time Machine”! In this music video I tried out acting! To convey my emotions well I concentrated during the shooting, but the crying scene while looking at a picture was a little hard. It was because the picture was…of a foreigner man, who looked like Tarzan, leaning against tree!! I really couldn’t stop laughing and it was hard to put in emotions (laughs).”

Haha, oh man, why that type of picture?  I totally would’ve thought it’d be a real picture of maybe a grandparent that had passed or somebody she knew that had passed.  Way to make it more challenging for her SM in her first attempt at acting :P.

Credits: wonderfuelgeneration.net