Time Machine – What I thought of the video

Although the video is about wanting to go back in time, hoping for a happier time rather than the current time, I really liked the music video for this song.  Each girl had their own, unique situation, which makes the music video more dynamic.  And to top that off, we don’t know what happened to any of them!  Just add to the mystery why don’t you SM!

For the most part, I’m more of an upbeat, faster tempo type of guy.  That being said, I’m really liking this particular ballad.  A running theme music video definitely works well with a slower song like this one.  It was nice to see that SM didn’t do anything crazy, outfit wise for this video.  The girls actually looked “normal” for once.  Dressed in white for the group shots, they look simple, yet still amazing.  The soft colors of the group shots were really easy to look at and quite refreshing in my opinion.  This also makes sense for a video that’s about sadness and possibly, regrets.  Their acting was also believable in the video.

I think Hyoyeon and Sooyoung’s acting had the most impact on me.  Maybe it was just the way their stories were filmed in the video, but I think they both did the best job with their emotions.  Seeing Hyo all sad and disappointed, standing by the wall looking like she got stood up, breaks my heart.

And there’s a mystery about Sooyoung’s story that intrigues me too.  In the video, we see her story starts out at 2:12am, but if you notice near the end when she’s happy looking, the clock says 10:45pm.  I just wanted to believe that the video ends in a happy manner, disregarding what the song is about.  It’s rather obvious that the video starts from the end and goes into flashback mode.  Sometimes, things just don’t turn out the way we want them to :(.  Maybe this was the case for each girl in this video.  The last close up shot of Sooyoung at the end, with the tear rolling down her cheek pains me every time.  I don’t like seeing girls cry, even if it’s just for something that is make believe.  Her tears in that last scene make this video that much more powerful and believable.

So what’s next for this song?  Do you think SM is going to have promotions in Japan for this song?  Or is it like “Bad Girl,” where they release the video more for fun, in a sense, and leave it at that?  I’m thinking it could be not for “fun” per se, but to boost sales on their newly repackaged 1st Japanese album…the only album this song is available on.  From a business standpoint, it totally makes sense.  Make a powerful music video that attracts interest to the album which equals sales.  SM, you know we SONEs are already poor, why make us more poor :P.  Honestly, I think the music video is all we are going to get out of this song.  The girls are working on individual activities right now, and I’m sure they are busy in the studio creating tracks and learning dances for their upcoming 1st English album, due out this summer.   Either way, I enjoyed this video a lot and if this is all we get out of it, I’m still happy with that.

What’s your opinion on the topic?

Credits: nukem384@snsdkorean