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SM Entertainment artists have garnered a lot of attention lately for their exceptional sales numbers over the past 3 years.

According the Financial Supervisory Service’s data analysis retrieval and transfer system, SNSD made 17.003 billion won in 2009, 30.004 billion won in 2010, and 21.737 billion won in 2011 up to the third quarter.

From 2009 to the third quarter 2011, the girls have earned a whopping 68.811 billion won.  If all of 2011 was included in the data, they would have easily broken the 70 billion mark, considering they released their 3rd album “The Boys” in the 4th quarter.  And if you include their successful Japanese activities during this time frame, they would have easily broken the 100 billion won mark.

The 68.811 billion won included in this data for our girls equates to a staggering 42% of SMEnt’s total 161.954 billion won amoung their top 5 artists (SNSD, SuJu, TVXQ, SHINee, f(x)).  Wow, now that is SNSD power right there!  Data like this is why they are considered the leader of the Hallyu Wave!  Let’s hope their transition to the west will earn them just as much success, or better yet, MORE!  SNSD hwaiting!!

Credits: fanwonder.com