The wait is over. Time Machine’s Music Video is out!

Noteworthy: The 30 second clip from the first teaser with the crying senior actor was totally scrapped in this final release. The 4 minute song was extended slightly so that a story and a type of ambiance could be established. While not explicit, it is clear that each of the girl’s have their own individual conflicts and problems to deal with and the MV is charged with emotion. The story is really left up to the viewers interpretation and some view it really more of a reoccurring theme (a la dreadtech’s comment). As far as the 2nd teaser is concerned, it actually serves as the introduction to the MV and helps build up to the actual song (which by nature is rather sad).

The girls all had a unique style and looked great in the MV (Tiffany totally works as a blonde). All of them do a great job expressing the emotions in their particular situations that go along with the sad love ballad.

What are your thoughts on the MV? Did it go the way you expected? How does it rate among your list of SNSD MVs?

Feel free to share your comments or post your reaction to the MV below.