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YAY 2-in-1 quick posts!

In true gangster fashion, our leader TaeYeon recently left a message entitled “Wassup SONE” in regards to her recent birthday and toe injury. (I taught her “Wassup SONE, keep it dirrty nah’m say’n?” –But if she wants to omit the rest then that’s cool too.)

Here’s her message below:

“Wassup sone?^^ Hi hi.
How are you all? This is Taeyeon!!
That day has come back. hehehe~
According to the time, it has passed already. But i’ll post even though it’s late!!
I don’t know what to do, because I feel like I receive so much every year, so I’m a bit embarrassed, too ^^.
Today, no yesterday, I had a good day, happy as ever.
I had a party with the people I love the most, ate, and took pictures. Hehehehehe.
It wasn’t a full gathering, but even if we don’t say anything, even if we can’t reach one another, we all know and feel the same. Hehe.
My loving members, thank you and I love you. I love SONEs, too.
I have a lot to say right now to be honest. I have a lot to say about this and that.
None of my thoughts are organized, because I’m trying to think of it all at once. Darn.
You’re worried because of my hurt toenail, right? It’s actually taking some time for it to become fully healed. I’m getting better, so no worrying… nonono^^.
Please look forward to our flashy upper body movements on Music Core. Heheheheh.
To all our loving SONEs. We’re very very thankful and touched. We feel happiness every year, because you all wish us a happy birthday and give us love every year.
I really think I’m rich…. rich on love +_+ kkya kekeke. I will return all of it.
So love me some more…… love me… r i g h t … n o w………… chwaha (Editor’s note: imitation of Lee Hyun Woo’s laugh).
Anyways, everyone, let’s communicate some more ^^.
Soon, we will make that chance for us to talk a little more often and get closer.
Thank you, and I love you ^^. SONE jjang! Me jjang! Hurray SoShi jjangjjangjjang!”

And in the most recent episode of Invincible Youth 2, the MC asked the idols if they’ve ever been to a 찜질방 (jjim jil bang) or most commonly known as a public bath house. For those of you unfamiliar with “jjim jil bangs,” usually you are given a locker and a change set of clothes and you can do one of three things:

1) shower/bathe with those of the same sex in the bath area —bathing suits are completely prohibited
2) snooze out on the heated floors
3) eat/chat it up with your buddies at the snack bar

Jjim jil bangs are great if you’re too low on cash to get a hotel room after a long night of Seoul clubbing, trying to pull an all-nighter until the first subway starts running again, or too ashamed to go home with your body smelling like beer, soju, and 5 different alcohols.

Sunny admitted to going to a jjim jil bang but it’s still unclear on whether it was recent or not.  She was also then bombarded with questions such as “Did anyone recognize you?” and “Was it after you dyed your hair?”

But we all want to know is:

Did she go into the bath area…………………? HOHOHO.

You’ll just have to wait for the new episode of “Invincible Youth 2” to see!

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