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Sooyoungie was at the launch event of “Marni at H&M” on March 6th in Noon Square, Myeongdong, Seoul along with other celebrities.

The event was attended by many fashion industry experts and aimed at showing off this new trendy collection.  On March 8th, the collection will be available online and 260 stores worldwide on a limited basis.  Hmm…I wonder if my local H&M will have these products?  Might have to go down to the local mall and see :P.


This selca also surfaced the other day of Sooyoung and eonni Soojin!  Soojin said, “It’s great that Sooyoung takes a lot of vacations.  Although 2 of us are bloated (faces), it’s been a long time since our last sister-shot.  God bless you, SY :-).”  Awww, very cute.  Don’t they both look great?  I don’t know what you’re talking about Soojin, I don’t see any bloated face.  You don’t need to be so humble!  Anyway, cute selca and I’m sure more will come in the future.

Credits: wonderfulgeneration.net