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On February 14th, Valentine’s Day here in the states, where Yuri is on a 2 week assignment filming “Fashion King,” she treated the staff to chocolates and cards filled with support!

She said in the card, “Our ‘Fashion King’ family who is always working hard, eat something sweet, and fighting.”

It was said that Yuri spent around 4 hours shopping in New York at markets and malls in order to find the gifts for the staff!  She said, “I prepared this as a way of giving a little joy to the staff members who are separated from their families/lovers in order to film [the drama]. It seems they all enjoyed it so I’m satisfied.”

The staff said, “I think getting Valentine chocolates from heartthrob Yuri is better than getting them from a significant other. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget 2012 Valentine’s Day.” LOL, you better not tell that to your significant other!!  They might disown you if they heard that!  Even if it is from a yeo shin (goddess) like Yuri!  This is very thoughtful of her!  I guess S.A.D. (single awareness day) doesn’t apply to her?  I think she just looked past that and put her staff first.  Very sweet of her :).

And just to add, doesn’t the picture look like another idol that appears on this blog from time to time?  When I first saw it, I almost thought it was Jessica’s dongsaeng f(x) Krystal!  They could totally be twins from this picture!  I just thought that was a funny coincidence.  Anyway, a few more pictures below!

Credits: soshified.com