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In a recent interview, Jessica talked about her first real attempt at acting.  Although she did do a musical before, this was the first time being in a full production drama with a supporting role.

On the subject of new challenges, she said, “It is true that my appearance on ‘Wild Romance’ was decided in a rush. I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare because there was also a lot of overseas schedules for Girls’ Generation. I feel a bit sad that I couldn’t focus on just the drama. However, I’m really happy that I could experience something new.”

Even with all her schedules with SNSD, the production did not have to change their filming schedules.  This shows how busy she has been recently and her commitment to being everywhere at once (I don’t know how they do it honestly).  Of course when you do everything, you’re not going to be getting very much sleep (and we know how much this Ice Princess likes her sleep).  She said, “I could not get a lot of sleep. I was worried I would look tired in the drama. It is true that I was physically exhausted.” She laughed and added, “However, there were a lot of things that I learned through this drama.”

There were also many emotional scenes in this drama.  You’d think these would be the most difficult for an actor to pull off, but Jessica said, “Emotional scenes were actually the most fun for me. I like myself focusing and immersing myself in an emotion.”  Haha, ok, shows you how focused she is.  But maybe a little of that Ice Princess alter ego coming out too?  :P.

She also talked about the big kiss scene from the drama.  She said, “I acted out a kiss scene elsewhere before. But at that time I ‘acted’ like I did, so I was really nervous about this one.”  She also said, “Before we started filming, I was told, ‘You really have to do this kiss scene,’ and I got nervous.” Jessica seemed shy about it and also added, “I shot the kiss scene comfortably by just going along with Lee Dongwook sunbae’s lead.”

Well, looks like her first acting attempt was a success!  I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her in the acting world soon enough!  Maybe she can take in a few tip from acting queen Yoona!

Credits: soshified.com