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As reported earlier, SNSD performed at a special edition of KBS Music Bank in Paris!  Our girls performed “The Boys,” along with “Hoot,” “Gee,” and “Mr. Taxi.”  About 10,000 fans were in attendance at Bercy Stadium.

Another picture backstage was taken with MC Sohn Mina along with this message to SONEs.

“Tada~ A proof shot with Girls’ Generation! I was a Girls’ Generation [member] at heart at this moment, too~ㅋ An unnie’s heart flutters this much, I wonder how it is for oppas and samchons. These girls with lovable smiles despite their deadly schedules. I hope they become more mature and great, and that they take steps towards becoming world stars”

And of course you can’t have a concert without a group shot!

And as a bonus, F-SONEs also sang our dear Sooyoung a little happy birthday!  If you haven’t checked out her birthday post here on SK, be sure to read it here.

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