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Well, the 9 ladies of SNSD are certainly approaching the status of achieving true worldwide recognition. Their recent appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman” and “Live With Kelly” during the Girls’ visit to the States to promote the international version of “The Boys” album was deemed news worthy enough to be featured in several countries’ television news channels; a credible feat indeed.

Here’s a brief line-up of the various TV news channels that featured this bit of news about our 9 ladies’ foray into the US music scene:

1) Malaysian news channel “NTV7″

2) Ukrainian news channel “News One Channel”

3)  French television show “Morandini”

4) Italian entertainment channel “RAI 5″

5) Indonesian network channel “TransTV”

6) Spanish news channel “La Sexta”

(In fact, “La Sexta” even went so far as to feature several clips of the Girls’ performances and interviews in New York, music video clips and even a video clip that documented the 9 ladies’ visit to a Korean army camp. According to netizen mrotaik@twitter, the news clip actually stated that this is the first time that a South Korean pop group has appeared on a Spanish music chart :D).

The future aspirations of our favourite 9 ladies may actually have been unwittingly revealed during their recent interview by Japan’s “TBS News”, who travelled to New York to attend the press conference held by the Girls. Amid a series of questions posed, it was asked what the objectives of the Girls were, to which Tiffany jokingly replied ” World domination. Just kidding.”

Well, jokingly or not, our favourite 9 talented young ladies are slowly, but surely, achieving that dream of world domination in the music scene. SNSD Daebak !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean.com

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