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Yes, shortly after their release of “The Boys” physical album in the United States, the Girls made a listing on the Billboard charts. The results: an extremely impressive 2nd place on the Billboard “World Albums” chart :D.

To top it off, the 9 ladies also managed a commendable 22nd place on the Billboard “Heatseekers Albums” chart.

My reaction (and I am pretty sure that SONEs all over share the same sentiments with me on this matter): Daebak and Jjang 😆 !!!!

Congratulations to our 9 Gorgeous and Extremely Talented ladies for garnering such significant successes in the US music scene in such a short time. All your hard work has really paid off here. You gals totally deserve this :).

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean.com

sources: Billboard, Litney@soshified.com, LetsGo@soshified.com, michaelroni@soshified.com