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After their successful Hong Kong concert, the girl’s were seen at the local Hong Kong airport on their way back to Korea.  As always, the girl’s are on point with their outfits, but again, I saw something I thought was funny in the media pictures :P.

You know Tiffany is a real American girl when you see her chomping down on Cheetos at the airport!  There has be tons of yummy Korean snacks she could’ve chosen from.  And, of course, Cheetos have to be popular all over the world, but it just shows she hasn’t lost her American roots!  No red hot Cheetos though?  I thought Korean’s love spicy foods??  Haha, apparently she wasn’t in the mood for spicy food at probably the ridiculous hour they were flying out.  LOL and look at those fingers!  I wonder if she ate the whole bag later, haha.

JeTi would be in perfect American harmony if Sica was eating what I thought was a Girl Scout’s Thin Mint.  But on further observation, it looks to be some sort of Korean? chocolate covered cookie.  Maybe next time American girls!

Sooyoung was even nice enough to stop for a picture with some HK-SONEs on her way out!  How nice of her!  Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

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