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As some of you know, Girls’ Generation will be marketing a special copy of ‘The Boys’ in Europe, North America and other parts of the world. The tracklist along with other important information has been revealed…

The album will contain a whopping 17 tracks. The following has been taken from Wal-Mart’s official pre-order page for Girls’ Generation album that will be released on January 17th.

The most immediate thing that jumps out from the tracklist is the ‘elimination’ of some of the Maxi Single remixes. According to Wal-Mart’s website (pictured above), the song list does not include the Acapella, Instrumental, and Lil’ Play versions of ‘The Boys’. Again for those who do not know, Lil’ Play’s rendition is identical to Snoop Doggs except the rappers have different lyrical verses. It appears that they have sacked his version for the release.

The rest of the singles on the CD are hot off the full-length 3rd album (that recently won the GDA Digital Daesang and Bonsang :D). As you can see, not a single song from the Korean album has been cut from this special international edition. As expected, all of these songs will be in their native language, so those hoping to have more GG English will have to wait.

Pre-orders are now available online at two of the biggest retailers in North America (Amazon & Wal-Mart). If you have other site links where people can pre-order the album feel free to share them in the comments below.

Right now both Amazon & Wal-Mart are selling the pre-orders for $9.00 a piece. Pretty great value for a 17-song album.

Links to Pre-Orders:

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