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+ Added 4 new subbed segments “Ideal Types”, “SNSD Wishes”, “Worldwide Fans and the Future”, “Boy Talk”

Recently, 8 of our lovely SNSD members guest starred on Korean Variety Show, The Beatles Code. As usual the girls shared some hilarious and shocking stories. Videos with English subtitles after the cut.

These new clips are must watches!

SNSD Describing their Ideal Types:

SNSD sharing their personal wishes:

SNSD talking about International Fans & future plans

SNSD Short talk about Boys

Original Article:

The first story comes from Taeyeon and Tiffany, and involves them going into more detail about their “heated” argument which was alluded to in another K-variety show “Big Brothers”.  Rather hilariously the two of them imitate the beginning of the argument, and briefly talk about SNSD and cursing.

Hyoyeon and Jessica also shared a story about how they nearly got into a physical fight over an argument, which involved “bitter words”.

Sunny also touched on her reaction to the infamous “Taeyeon-Kidnapping” accident at a live-concert and how she felt at the time.

Additionally Taeyeon spoke about her jealousy towards Seohyun over their respective WGM appearances.

Hyoyeon and Sooyoung also revealed that they were jealous when it came to wardrobes because their personal stylists often forced them to wear clothes that they didn’t find appealing.

Sooyoung also touched on her envy for Yuri and her swimming skills. She deemed Yuri as being “The sexiest when swimming”. Yuri elaborated by revealing that she used to train to be a swimmer when she was young.

Our lovely dancing queen Hyoyeon also addressed her recent popularity and comments on her “goddess-like” beauty. She modestly reveals that, “it’s just the make up” but emphasizes how the most recent concept suits her style.

Girls’ Generation also discussed their famous “5-minute” talks and their recent shift to MSN mobile conversations.

SNSD also addressed the “pressures” of aging as idols and working with younger hoobaes. Sooyoung also shared a funny story involving Tiffany and Sulli from f(x).

Finally SNSD talked about their eating habits and the effectsof eating “Korean Potato Soup”.



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