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UPDATE with pictures and videos – nukem384
UPDATE #2 with CF and BTS video

Want a strategic way to increase sales and gain product awareness? Why not incorporate Girls’ Generation in your marketing plans!

On December 15th, Girls’ Generation was selected by JCE to model for their game brand, “Freestyle Sports”. JCE has changed their marketing strategy this winter and will launch their first attempt at star marketing. Since this is their first time entering the gamer’s marketing using this strategy, JCE chose Girls’ Generation based on their well-established popularity. Girls’ Generation will be marketing for the brand “Freestyle Sports”, which includes “Freestyle”, “Freestyle Football” and “Freestyle2”.

In these games, consumers will be able to play using Girls’ Generation characters in game. Each game will feature three different Girls’ Generation members in hopes that these nine girls will become the new “faces” of the “Freestyle Sports” brand.

Promotions will be communicated via traditional advertising means such as television and radio, but JCE also wishes to target the online market in order to further increase product and brand awareness.

Song Insoo, a JCE representative, stated,

The Freestyle series has held their place as Korea’s representative online sports game with soccer and basketball genres. We thought it would coincide with Korea’s national girl group, Girls’ Generation. Also, as ‘Freestyle Sports’ and Girls’ Generation both have a great amount of male fans who regularly shop for sport uniforms at the uniform store, we think it will cause a good synergy effect.

The release of the Girls’ Generation characters will take place on December 15th, so in the meantime, a contest called “Guess which Girls’ Generation member will appear in which game” will be held on the homepages of  “Freestyle“, “Freestyle Football“, and “Freestyle2”. The objective of the game is for consumers to guess, via comments, which girls will appear in which game. The prize will be a “Girls’ Generation character”, and the winner of this prize will be drawn at random from the selection of people who guessed correctly.

Curious to see what this game will look like? Here is a short 20 second teaser for the upcoming CF:



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