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Sports Donga (Korean media site) has now confirmed that Yuri will indeed be signing on for the ‘Fashion King’ Drama.

With this affirmation of Yuri’s role comes an inside look at the first official script reading provided by Korean media outlet Sports Donga. The 4 main stars, Yoo Ah In, Yuri, Shin Se Kyung and Lee Jaehoon gathered at SBS Ilsan’s Production Center and read through the script. 20 other actors were also there and were actively involved with the script reading.

Writers for ‘Fashion King’, Lee Sunmi and Kim Kiho were also in attendance. The two had previously worked together for the popular 2004 drama, “What Happened in Bali”, which featured talented actors in Ha Ji Won, So Ji Sub and Jo In Sung.

The plot of Fashion King appears to revolve around the theme of hardworking youth and the challenges that they encounter in pursuit of success. It will also be about the obstacles they face to achieve success, as well as conflicts that arise as they try to find love.

Yuri will be playing the role of Anna, however just how this character fits into the plot has not been revealed.

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Yuri will now follow in the footsteps of Sooyoung & Yoona by taking up her first leading role in the upcoming SBS Drama ‘Fashion King’.

Flashback to 2007 and Korean drama fans may have remembered a drama/sitcom called “Unstoppable Marriage” that featured two of our lovely Girls’ Generation members, Sooyoung and Yuri. Since that airing, both have focused and succeeded with their musical careers. However with Yoona and Sooyoung’s recent cast as leads in ‘Love Rain’ and ‘Speed’ it has been announced that Yuri will be joining her fellow members with the main female role in ‘Fashion King’.

According to sources, Yuri has received calls to star in dramas in the past, but had held the majority of her appearances to music videos or sitcoms.

What makes this role and show so different from the rest, is the fact that they are willing to adjust their filming schedules to accommodate Yuri’s music career. Right now both sides are working hard to meet a compromise. Although the paperwork has not been finalized, Yuri and SBS are expected to officially announce the contract some time soon.

The premise of “Fashion King” involves a young man who starts off his fashion career in the Dongdaemun shopping district in Seoul. He works his way up the fashion hierarchy and viewers will get a look into the fast-paced and cutthroat industry. Speculation has it that Yoo Ah In (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Antique Bakery, Wandeuki) may be in line for the lead role. This is rather surprising considering that he was also rumored to be offered a role in ‘Speed’ the drama that Sooyoung is starring in. Shin Se Kyung, a fellow SONE and actress, is also expected to be casted to play a female role.

Yuri’s transition to a lead actress was recently supported by a member behind the production of “Fashion King”. He stated “I watched her crying in a music video. I don’t think we would run into any problems casting her on the set of a shoot. I felt she would be able to act in different roles, from a teen role to one in her twenties.”

While an air-date has not been confirmed, it is scheduled to be filmed in 2012. It’s exciting to see the girls step out of their music careers and venture into acting. The new year will be filled with Dramas starring SNSD!

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