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I just spotted this awesome piece of Soshi-inspired fanwork on Soshified and thought that it would be interesting to share with the members of SK.What is it you might ask ? Well, it’s a fan-made video of the ladies set to the tune of their upcoming Christmas single “Diamond” ;).

All the angelic 9 are depicted in their glorious beautiful best, and, as an added bonus, Hyoyeon gets a fair bit of air-time here (Hyohunnies rejoice 🙂 !)

Kudos to the SONE who did this because the chosen images really compliments the song lyrics, oh, so well, don’t you agree 😆 ? (Personally, I Love it 😀 ! )

So sit back and enjoy this great unofficial tribute to this new Soshi holiday musical piece !

SNSD Diamond MV (Unofficial)

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: teampied@youtube.com, Pierina@soshified.com, Jenn Yi (Credit for article header image)