You’ve seen pictures from the 2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival Road Show 40120 (held on October 3, 2011) – now it’s time to watch the actual event itself! 16 teams hailing from 10 different countries participated in the final round of the competition in front of judges Beast, MBLAQ and SNSD, among others, performing their favourite K-pop songs and choreography in celebration of the current K-pop craze that’s sweeping the world.

Full show here. SNSD cuts after the jump! Each performance is well worth watching, and our girls’ reactions are priceless. :3


Dance cover performances:

Kolors – Into the New World


Kotorip – I AM THE BEST


Febris Erotica – Shock


Halima Dodo – Hot Issue


And just because Taeyeon is a cutie:

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