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This is an Ice Princess post.

No, actually, this is a Nice Princess post.

Jessica, known as the Ice Princess due to her standoffish outer appearance, either has split personalities or her nickname is simply false.

In stark contrast to her nickname, Jessica was recently seen at the airport on November 11, 2011, smiling and posing with fans while rocking a casual outfit and shades. As a fan, you know SNSD really don’t have time to stop and speak with fans; their packed schedules simply do not allow it. Moreover, their managers are there to keep them safe, acting as a barrier between the girls and fans who may violate their personal space. However, the fact that Jessica acted sensibly and politely in a situation in which she was surrounded by cameras and fans underlines the fact that SNSD are all still humble and kind people – that they’re still just like anyone of us.

The ice has melted. Or rather, it was never really there in the first place.


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