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Well, it seems the powers-that-be (SM Entertainment and Interscope Records) have big plans lined-up for the upcoming album release of our 9 young ladies…..

In order to achieve maximum exposure for the upcoming album release, there are plans to have the album teasers shown in 4 major city intersections around the world starting on the 17th of October (Korean Time), prior to their official album release on the 19th of October 2011.

The earmarked city street intersections are New York City’s Times Square, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya in Japan, as well as Wangfujing Street in China, and an intersection in Kangnam, Seoul.

For New York’s Times Square, the teaser will be shown for a whole month, starting on the 17th of October; the aim being to capture the interest (and wallets, ha ;)!) of the American buying public.

As for the other aforementioned city locations, they were chosen because of their heavy pedestrian traffic, being the busiest streets in their respective locations. A logical move since this will ensure that more people will be aware of the 9 ladies upcoming new album (not that I think it is necessary considering the upsurge of interest, worldwide, as the release date approaches, but that is just me :D).

In addition, Interscope Records has also updated their website to include Girls’ Generation as one of the many musical artistes that their label is currently supporting (famous names on their list include Lady Gaga and the Black-Eyed Peas).

At the moment, no further details on the 9 ladies have been posted yet on their webpage, but I’m sure the situation will change once the 19th swings around. SNSD Jjang !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: Sports Chosun, Interscope Records, ch0sshi@soshified.com, michaelroni@soshified.com