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We’ve all marked our calendars for the 19th. Some of us are even drawing in X’s as the days go by. Turing to the closest Sone, you complain to them, “Why can’t the 19th just be here already!! All this waiting is killing me!”

Well, to ease your impatient heart and mind, allow me let you in on something really cool. You ready? Okay, good. Follow these steps and I assure you, by the end, you will be an extremely happy Sone.

Step 1: Grab a pen or marker. Preferably pink.

Step 2: Look at your calendar and find the 15th. Circle that date.

Step 3: Write next to the number, in big capital letters, GIRLS’ GENERATION “THE BOYS” TEASER VIDEO RELEASE.

Step 4: Please refrain from jumping in seats, squealing or doing anything else that may attract unwanted attention.

That’s right. You heard me correctly. At 0:00 KST, SM Entertainment will be releasing, not one, but TWO teaser videos to hype up the release for the actual MV on the 19th. In order to support Global Generation, one of these teasers will be released in Korean and the other will be in English.

If that’s not enough to get Sones for all over the world excited, an ADDITIONAL teaser video of “The Boys” will be released on October 17th at 0:00 KST. SM Entertainment will be expecting to receive a massive response from these video teasers because millions of people from all around the world have been waiting patiently eagerly for the return of SNSD.

In just under a week, on October 19th, Girls’ Generation will be globally releasing their 3rd full album – The Boys.

Also, for those of you who don’t know already, Girls’ Generation has recently signed with Universal Music Group in preparation for the release of the English version of “The Boys”. The English version will be released sometime in November under Interscope Records.

As we inch closer and closer to the comeback date, please stay tuned for all the latest info! SONES GET HYPED!!!

Source: SMTown@Facebook