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The length height of SNSD’s shorties is currently a hot topic amongst netizens.

On October 3rd, SNSD performed live at the ‘2011 Hallyu Dream Concert,’ putting on a very powerful and glamorous performance, which was met with tremendous praise from fans. The nine members walked the red carpet and performed onstage in crisp white maritime outfits, a revival of 2009’s Genie concept, heightening attention from the public.

As soon as photos of the performance were posted online however, the shortness of some members, known as the ‘danshins,’ instantly became a hot, controversial topic.

Netizens commented, “Aren’t they too short? There’s a certain height that is appropriate,” “They’re almost like children… that’s embarrassing,” “I can almost not see them at all!” expressing negative emotions.

At the same time, there were other comments such as, “Not everyone can grow that tall… they look attractive to me,” “They’re average height,” “I personally like them a lot,” and “I’m so jealous of SNSD members’ genetically long legs.”

Sooyoung, while looking down onto the crown of Taeyeon's head, reportedly scoffed at that last comment.

My question is why voice criticism now? It’s been four years since SNSD debuted and there has never been any direct criticism levelled at their heights. They have been this short since Genie and Oh! promotions. Perhaps this controversy was incited by netizens’ frustration with the postponement of SNSD’s 3rd album.

If there’s anyone to blame, it’s the stylists for the ill-fitting outfits that make some of the girls look so short. And to that I say: hike up their shorts even more! It makes sense, right? Get the proportions just right – that is, shorter shorts will create the illusion of longer legs – and this controversy will be nipped in the bud. Otherwise heel implants are always another option…

*This is a fictional/satirical post.*

By: catfatcat@snsdkorean.com
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Luls. The danshins will never get a break. In all seriousness, the way I see it, the problem is that the jangshins, particularly Yuri, were wearing danshin-sized shorts. Apart from that, it’s just silly that this has become a controversial issue now, or an issue at all for that matter.