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+ BTS Video for CeCi shoot:

Our girls have been featured in magazines yet again! Although it’s not all 9 members getting featured this time around, 5 out of 9 members have made their appearances in the October issues of magazines, ‘Ceci’, ‘Cosmopolitan’, ‘Instyle’, and ‘Vogue Girl’.

In particular, Jessica has been featured in the latest ‘Ceci’ magazine, which is celebrating its 17th anniversary, and has even donned the issue’s cover. Along with Yuri and Tiffany, she has also been featured in ‘Cosmopolitan’. In addition, Yoona and maknae have been featured in the latest ‘Instyle’ and ‘Vogue Girl’ issues respectively. Check out the photos/scans from the four magazines!




[Vogue Girl]


They’re all looking stunning, don’t you agree?

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