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So we recorded this last weekend without the prior knowledge of knowing the concept and the staffers and I took a guess at what the comeback would be…… AND WE WERE WAYYYYY OFF

Jigemeon SNSD!

**This podcast is recommended for mature audiences 15 and up please –due to language and shenanigans**

download link: Here!

I was sorta/semi right about Sunny being the member with the short hair……. (but if it’s a wig again………..*coughTiffanycough* ……….)

Here’s some info on 역시 소녀시대 (Yeokshi So Nyeo Shi Dae) mentioned in the podcast:


where you basically take a picture of the above phrase with your thumbs up.  It’s an on-going project that has a deadline this Friday.  The girls are also aware this is happening so, it IS an official project.

Quick run down of the podcast:

Wonder Girls vs SNSD rivalry face-off
Running Man bets —Green (1) vs Black (3) Team
SNSD Dating
SNSDKorean Staffers
 will be at the upcoming concerts, (say hi to us <3):
Asia Song Festival (Korea), SMTown NYC, and K-Pop Concert Australia