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Middle Child Syndrome [mid-l chahyld sin-drohm]:

1) When a middle child – typically in a family of three kids (OR nine) who are close in age – feels left out or neglected.

NOTE: Because the older sibling is the first born and typically an over-achiever, they are the most important and therefore get the most privileges. A younger sibling is the ‘baby’ of the family and gets away with more as well as being the most looked-after. Middle-child syndrome starts when the middle child is squeezed between these two and has trouble finding their ‘niche’ in the family.


But what happens when you have the eldest who’s nearly the shortest, and the youngest acting as the most mature; how could the middle child be anything LIKE a victim of Middle Child Syndrome?

It’s simple.  It’s because she’s not.  And this my friends is what we call: a paradox.

SNSD as the whole itself is a paradox.  Here’s a short list of things they haven’t conformed to: 1) the size of a typical group 2) ONE music genre 3) just one specialized talent (whereas theirs include djing, variety shows, fluency in several languages, acting in dramas and musicals, being adept in musical instruments and farm work, etc etc.)

When we break down SNSD we have titles that can be thrown around to each member left and right: “The Leader,” “The Maknae,” “The ‘Dark’ One,” “The Actress,” so on and so forth.  This is the face they wear at work, but who are they at home and how do they keep it together?

The answer to the former is that no one knows.  Everyone has a right to privacy, especially our girls, and it’s important that everyone S<3ne knows that, but to answer the latter:

It’s HyoYeon.



HyoYeon keeps the group together.

Yes, everybody contributes to the Soshi Bond in their own distinct way (Manager Hwang, the Energy Pill, the Shikshin, and even the lazy ass Sergeant) but HyoYeon’s contribution is subtle and effective, so much that most people don’t even notice it.

HyoYeon keeps SNSD grounded and sane.

If it’s not something ridiculous like mistaking the word Golden Retriever for Whoopi Goldberg, busting out a random dance,

throwing up gang signs to accompany her silly Konglish,


then she’s at home doing the housework,

cooking up a feast,

or just perfecting her craft so that no one (and yes I mean you 2-left-shoes-Hwang) in the group ever falls behind in dancing.

The birthday girl has Modest Child Syndrome. It’s as simple as that.

Modesty [mod-uh-stee]:

1) a bashful, quiet simplicity

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