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How, you may ask ? Well, by taking part in another Soshi-inspired charity auction, of course 🙂 !

This special charity event will be held in conjunction with Woongjin Coway, the Korean manufacturer of water purifiers that has engaged our 9 ladies as their official spokespersons.

To be held at the Times Square at Yeongdeungpo on the 27th of September 2011, the aptly titled “Beautiful Auction” will help to raise funds that go towards aiding women who are currently the head of their households and neglected by society-at-large.

It is hoped that, with the funds raised, it will enable these underprivileged ladies to lead a more independent lifestyle, free of the poverty trap that normally ensnares such unfortunate persons.

To this end, the 9 ladies will be auctioning off the props that were used in the making of the advertisements for the “Coway, Please Take Care of Mom” advertisement campaign series by Coway, for their water purifiers, the concept of which was first introduced to the general consumer public in March 2011 of this year.

All 9 ladies will be present for the event, and they will take turns to introduce each personal CF prop item that they have individually prepared to be auctioned off.

Examples of such items include Yoona’s one-piece jumpsuit, Taeyeon’s jeans and Yuri’s shirt. These and 29 other items will be up for grabs on the 28th of September 2011 at the official on-line auction site (www.cowaygirls.com), and the site will stay open until the end of next month.

Each week, a different member’s item will be auctioned off in this fund-raising event ;).

To this end, Kang Sungho, director of Woongjin Coway’s marketing department, had this to say:

“This event will be a new way of contributing to society, combining the thoughts of a company and top star advertising models to help women neglected in their household.  All earnings from the auction will be donated to help women who are the head of their households to become independent and find a new life, which is fitting to the Self-Sterilizing Water Purifier Girls’ Generation is currently advertising.”

Well, it looks like another opportunity for SONEs everywhere to demonstrate once again that the 9 earthly angels of SNSD are the epitome of Agape Love, by making this auction another runaway success

(Hmmm…., I wonder if the auction will be open to bidders outside of the Korean Peninsula 😉 ?)

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: E Daily News, ch0sshi@soshified.com, MoonSoshi9@soshified.com