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Precious Dancing Queen/Choding Hyoyeon, turned 23 today, and SONEs from all over the world joined in on the celebrations, wishing her a very Happy Birthday.

Early in the morning at 1am KST, ‘Happy Birthday Kim HyoYeon’ claimed the seventh spot on Twitter’s worldwide trends list:

SONEs were also trending #kimhyoyeon and #kimchoding.

SNSD fan café ‘Cistus’, published a newspaper advertisement conveying a special birthday message to Hyoyeon:

There gratitude was also expressed through donations to Naver’s Happy Bean children’s foundation, as well as through volunteer work at the Taehwa Senior Citizen Welfare Centre in Incheon, last month.

‘Cistus’ also utilized past donations from Taiwanese fans to help purchase daily necessities for those in need, in honor of Hyoyeon’s birthday.

Of course, it wasn’t only the fans who celebrated her 23rd today, as her sisters also joined in on the party:

[Hyoyeon] Thank u very much for the birthday well wishes~!! During a schedule earlier today, members threw me a party so my mood right now is the best~!! 꺄르르르~ (Yahoooooo~) I’m preparing hard for the comeback, but~ I’m really looking forward to it~! ^^ keke Everyone~! Just wait a bit longer~!!

The cake:

That cake looks too good to be wasted on a caking… But you never know with these girls 😀

And because we’re SONEs too, from the the SK Staffers:

Happy Birthday


We hope you’ve had a wonderful day!

Source: yonhapnews.co.kr

Credits: fanwonder.com, silent_scream@soompi, Sakura29@soshified, Famous_Jae@twitter.