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SNSD’s Yoona recently appeared on an MBC Chuseok Special called “Special Star Auction Show”.  The show’s premise involves Korean celebrities putting up various items up for open bidding.  Yoona had previously said that she would give away something near and deer to her.

She ended up auctioning off her Genie (Tell Me Your Wish) outfit from their Korean promotions (pictured above).  It is said that Yoona wore the outfit more than 10 times during performances and appearances.  What makes this uniform really special is the fact that it was created by their personal stylist.

Yoona estimated that the uniform would roughly generate 2 million won (Approx. $1,900 USD) in charitable donations.  However the roughly 200 bidders invited to the show had higher valuations on her clothes.  After fierce bidding between 85 bidders (many of them SONEs) who had interest in the clothes, it was finally sold for 6.7 million won ($6,200 USD).  This surprised both Yoona and the guests on the show. Truly a reflection of Yoona’s popularity.

By the way, the winning bidder was a male K-SONE, who also had the pleasure of taking a photo with Yoona during the show.  For making such a large donation, Yoona also ended up giving him a signed photo with a personalized message!

It’s really a win-win that this SONE got to donate money for a good cause, while feeding his personal fandom.

Sources: hotshotlover30@Soompi, Fanwonder