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+ Updated with Tiffany’s interview response during the press conference plus a video clip of the event (unsubbed).

As was mentioned before, our dear Tiffany managed to win the coveted role of Carmen Diaz in the award-winning musical “Fame”, set to be performed on the 25th of November 2011 at the Seoul Olympic Park Woori Financial Arts Hall. Well, on the 30th of August 2011, a press conference was arranged to introduce the cast members of the musical….

Held at the Seoul Lotte Hotel, the Korean media were officially introduced to the cast members and, of course, our dear “eye-smiles” angel was part of this most important line-up ;).

Dressed in a beautiful pink, polka-dotted dress, Tiffany elicted her fair share of appreciative responses from all present, some even going so far as to comment that she looked like a “living, breathing Barbie Doll” (I think so too :D) !

Apart from Tiffany, other cast members present at the event were Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, g.o.d’s Son Hoyoung, TRAX’s Jungmo and The Grace’s Lina.

During the press conference itself, Tiffany shared the following bits of information:

 “While the other members of Girls’ Generation were doing their musicals I was also steadily practising my acting and singing”

“Luckily I came upon a role that I have confidence in. If I encounter any difficulty, I can ask for advice from my friends who have already debuted in musicals. Something I have in common with my character is that in America I had dreams of becoming a singer so I came to Korea, and after going through my training period, I debuted. During my trainee days I had that passion and I think it will be easy to express the person that I was not too long ago. We have similarities and we have differences too so I must work hard at that to fulfill the role.”

“As of now I can’t explain how I will perform, but I’m studying the movie closely and watching the musical again. I am continually practicing the script and music. I want to act naturally so that the audience will be able to sympathize with the character.”

As an interesting aside, prior to the press conference event, fans of the cast members sent in their rice donations to show their support to the artistes. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on how you see it ;)), Tiffany’s rice donation stack was noticeably higher :D.

Hwasueunhwa, one of Girls’ Generation’s fan cafes, donated 100kg of rice under Tiffany’s name for the musical, and their kind gesture has definitely not gone unnoticed, having caught the attention of everyone present.

Right, on to the best part of this post, the photos of the event 🙂 ! Please be warned that this portion is extremely image heavy, but well-worth the wait.
Enjoy !!!

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Courtesy of thestephi.com:

The “Fame” Press Conference Video Cut (Unsubbed).

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

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