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Well, it certainly looks like Sooyoung’s finally gotten some competition with regards to the title of official Shikshin of SNSD…..

Apparently, our contender is none other than Im Yoona ;).

 Her slim body and small frame actually belies a huge appetite that makes her a worthly recipient of the Shikshin title of SNSD, a fact acknowledged by Yoona herself, as well as by those around her.

Photos sourced from various TV programmes and dramas that showed Yoona using her famous alligator mouth to partake of food were in fact published on an on-line community site to support her bid for the “God of Food” title.

To that end, Actress Kim MinHee once revealed on a variety show, “I met Yoona, Sooyoung and others at a restaurant. I found them really pretty when they first came up to me and greeted me. So I treated them to a meal. All 4 of them ate pork belly and when the bill came, it cost 210,000 won (about US$195)”.

 In this respect, Yoona is certainly deserving of the greatest Shikshin title among the 9 ladies. When told of this fact, her response was worthy of a true Shikshin: “When I was at home and saw cereal during meal time, I told myself that I must eat another meal before eating that”.

Spoken like a true Shikshin indeed 😀 !

 by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources:  tvreport.co.kr, imwhywhy@fanwonder.com